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Comprehensive list of PII and Sensitive PII
Retail/Manufacturing 1 week agoBy: fsednl

In line with our plan to implement a control to prevent possible leakage or loss of personal data, we would like to know if NPC have a comprehensive listing of personal data - PII and Sensitive PII.


Thank you.

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Breakout Session Slide Presentations for Tourism Sector
Tourism 2 weeks agoBy: S.Admin

Day 2 Breakout Session Slides

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DPO Summit 21 (Photos)
Retail/Manufacturing 2 weeks agoBy: krishna.tana

March 29, 2019


PICC, Pasay City

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Breakout Session Slide Presentations for Bank, Non-Bank, Retail, and BPO Sectors
Retail/Manufacturing 2 weeks agoBy: S.Admin

Slide presentations from:

Mr. Joey Regala (Bank), Mr. Mel Migrino (Non-Bank), Mr. Jon Bello (BPO), Mr. Paul Santos (Retail)

Mr. Juan Paolo Fajardo - Consent 

Mr. Arvind Vishwakarma - The Art of Phishing

DPC Dondi Mapa - Drawing the Line - A Discussion Paper on Data Ethics

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Posting of Complete name with photo and local number in a team member's cubicle or room/office.
Retail/Manufacturing 2 weeks agoBy: Peter65

We have a 5S program and one of the requirement is to post the Photo, Complete name and local number of the team member occupying the place?  The purpose according to the project champ is to identify the right person staying in that particular place.  I challenged why there is a need for local number and displaying the complete name? Whoat would be the right approach to support this 5S program in relation to identification of person occupying a place?

Thank you,

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Where can we download the slides from the PAW2019 Conference?
National Privacy Commission (Public) 3 weeks agoBy: aldo

Where can we download the slides from the PAW2019 Conference?

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How do you celebrate your Privacy Awareness Week?
National Privacy Commission (Public) 3 weeks agoBy: S.Admin

Just as Privacy Awareness Week 2019 is fast approaching, here are 5 ways we can celebrate the Privacy Awareness Campaign in protecting the Digital Filipino:

1. Generate Interest

Generate interest in data protection. Think promos with discounts & freebies for customers, lunch-and-learn sessions for employees with parlor games & prizes to boot. You can also play NPC videos on loop in your visitor's lounge!

See the official PAW streamer? Together with your company logo, you can print and display this for people to see!

2. Cultivate the Habit

Cultivate ...

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DPO Summit 21: Open Forum Question 2
Retail/Manufacturing 1 month agoBy: krishna.tana

QUESTION 2: It is customary in our company to post birthday celebrants every month. Do we violate their privacy?

ANSWER: Age (and by implication Birthday) is a sensistive personal information. The law provides that a sensitive personal information can only be processed on the basis of data subject's consent or other legal basis provided under Section 13 of DPA. 

If the purpose of the processing (posting of birthday celebrant) does not fall under any legal basis under Section 13, you can only post such upon the celebrant's consent. 

TIP: If you encounter a situation where you ...

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DPO Summit 21: Open Forum Question 1
Retail/Manufacturing 1 month agoBy: krishna.tana

Hello R&M Members,

The NPC just had the Privacy Wall up and running today, so it is only today that I am posting the questions raised during our DPO Summit. As promised, I'll be also posting the anwers here and everyone are free to also share their comments and answers.


QUESTION 1: We will be changing our payroll system/HRIS this year and our new service/system provider is requiring the personal information of our employees. Can we provide them this info without the employees consent?

ANSWER: To determine whether consent is needed or not, you have to first determine if there is ...

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Local Government Units 4 months agoBy: vida.bocar



Q1: How do you harmonize the provisions of the Data Privacy Act (DPA) and E.O. No. 2 (FOI Order)?

A1: The DPA regulates the processing of personal data by an individual or juridical person, whether belonging to the public or private sector. The FOI Order on the other hand deals with information, official records, public records and to documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions or decisions, as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development. Under the FOI Order, every Filipino shall have access ...

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