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Local Government Units 3 months agoBy: vida.bocar



Q1: How do you harmonize the provisions of the Data Privacy Act (DPA) and E.O. No. 2 (FOI Order)?

A1: The DPA regulates the processing of personal data by an individual or juridical person, whether belonging to the public or private sector. The FOI Order on the other hand deals with information, official records, public records and to documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions or decisions, as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development. Under the FOI Order, every Filipino shall have access ...

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DPO ACE Program
Non-bank Financial Institution 3 months agoBy: [email protected]

When will be the release of the DPO ACE program this 2019?

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Consent of contact reference provided by the client.
Non-bank Financial Institution 3 months agoBy: [email protected]

Hi Team, 

I would like to inquire If one of our requirement for granting a loan for a client is a contact reference number on whom we wil confirm information of the client and also as an alternate contact if in case the client is unreachable, should we also get that consent from the provided contact reference or we can assume that the client has already got the consent of the contact reference they provided?

In the data privacy perspective how can we be covered if this happens?


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Opt-in vs Opt-out
Non-bank Financial Institution 3 months agoBy: beth.perez


In taking consent and upholding the right of the data subject to object, when and how Opt-In and Opt-out approach can be best applied?

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Data Privacy Council Meeting for Non-Bank Financial Institution
Non-bank Financial Institution 4 months agoBy: TJ Mendoza

First Non-bank Financial Institution sectoral meeting held last December 5. 


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Data Privacy Council Meeting
Retail/Manufacturing 4 months agoBy: krishna.tana

The Council in action. What's in store for 2019.


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DPO Summit for NBFI
Non-bank Financial Institution 4 months agoBy: TJ Mendoza

Any request?

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Privacy for Foundations and other Charity Organizations
National Privacy Commission (Public) 4 months agoBy: meloalcala

Are foundations and/or Charity Organizations required to comply with RA10173??

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Life Insurance FAQs
Life Insurance 4 months agoBy: CLEOMARTINEZ

National Privacy Commission





  1. Personal data – refers to all personal information, sensitive personal information and privileged information
  2. Personal information – information about an individual, and from which he or she reasonably and directly identified
  3. Sensitive personal information – refers to personal information: a. about an individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, and religious, philosophical or political affiliations; b. about an individual’s health, education, genetic ...

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Frequently Asked Questions for Utilities
Utilities (Electric Cooperatives, Cable TV Operators, etc.) 4 months agoBy: Jose Mendoza



Frequently Asked Questions[1]


Q.1. Which entities are considered under the utilities sector?

A public utility is engaged in public service – providing basic commodities and services indispensable to the interest of the general public.[2] A public utility is a business that furnishes an everyday necessity to the public at large.[3] Public utilities provide water, electricity, natural gas, telephone service, and other essentials.[4]

Q.2. When does processing of personal data commences?

Processing commences from the collection of personal data, ...

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