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DPO Summit 21: Open Forum Question 2
Retail/Manufacturing 2 weeks agoBy: krishna.tana

QUESTION 2: It is customary in our company to post birthday celebrants every month. Do we violate their privacy?

ANSWER: Age (and by implication Birthday) is a sensistive personal information. The law provides that a sensitive personal information can only be processed on the basis of data subject's consent or other legal basis provided under Section 13 of DPA. 

If the purpose of the processing (posting of birthday celebrant) does not fall under any legal basis under Section 13, you can only post such upon the celebrant's consent. 

TIP: If you encounter a situation where you ...

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DPO Summit 21: Open Forum Question 1
Retail/Manufacturing 2 weeks agoBy: krishna.tana

Hello R&M Members,

The NPC just had the Privacy Wall up and running today, so it is only today that I am posting the questions raised during our DPO Summit. As promised, I'll be also posting the anwers here and everyone are free to also share their comments and answers.


QUESTION 1: We will be changing our payroll system/HRIS this year and our new service/system provider is requiring the personal information of our employees. Can we provide them this info without the employees consent?

ANSWER: To determine whether consent is needed or not, you have to first determine if there is ...

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Data Privacy Council Meeting
Retail/Manufacturing 5 months agoBy: krishna.tana

The Council in action. What's in store for 2019.


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FAQs for Retail/Direct Marketing
Retail/Manufacturing 6 months agoBy: krishna.tana


retail and direct marketing SECTOR

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1. Up to what extent does the law covers the retail and direct marketing sector? Does it include the smallest as convenient stores?

If your company collects, stores, uses, shares, or discloses any information about a person, you are a personal information controller and the DPA applies to you. If you were outsourced or instructed by a PIC to process personal data, then you are a personal information processor or PIP, and the DPA also applies to you. This is regardless whether the personal information ...

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Retail/Manufacturing 6 months agoBy: levibcruz

Suggesting the creation of a unique Channel for the Distribution segment or industry as that for Retial/Direct Marketing does NOT seem to fit our business model. Is this workable come the next Data Privacy Stakeholders Assembly or any upcoming DPO-centric caucus or session? Thank you.

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